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About  Ronni

As an academic, I have lived my entire adult life in the world of the rational mind. Stepping into the world of Spirit to study energy healing and intuitive connection was quite a departure for me.

My spiritual exploration was rooted in my attempt to understand and heal from the abuse I experienced in my childhood. It has been a long road, because it wasn't until I was in my early 30s that I even admitted that my childhood had been abusive. This realization forced me to examine my life through an entirely different lens, which raised uncomfortable questions, such as:
How could I have denied the truth of what happened to me for so long?
Am I irreparably damaged? 
What do I do with all the anger and fear I've been living with?

My long recovery process has included a range of spiritual explorations. This path opened one day when my dear sister, Jennie, expressed an interest in starting Reiki training. Out of nowhere I said, "I'll do it with you...what's Reiki?" Similarly, after years of practicing yoga on my own, learning postures from a book, I decided that I needed to become a certified yoga instructor. A few years later, I attended a weekend workshop on animal communication, because it looked cool and promised to help me develop my intuitive capacities. Not long afterward, I entered a training program to become an Intuitive Coach, through which I can access the wisdom of Spirit Guides to assist people in their own exploration and growth.

None of these pursuits made rational sense at the time. If anything, I was afraid people would think I was nuts for doing them, so I told almost no one. Looking back, I see that it was through this exploration that I rebuilt my connection to myself, by simply following an inner knowing that each pursuit was the next thing I needed to do in my life. And I discovered that the world of energy work and intuition is simply about cultivating and honoring the connection to our own inner wisdom---a connection I was forced to sever in order to survive my childhood.

Reconnecting to myself in this way has brought me tremendous healing---emotionally, spiritually, and even physically. It has also brought me great peace. Now, my mission is to help others on their own journey of healing and self discovery.