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My life has not been lived in a straight line. It's been a series of explorations that, over time, have brought profound mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual changes---some of which turned my life upside down---helping me to release fear and embrace a new way of being in the world. My mission is to help others give themselves permission to make the same leap of faith---to explore widely and discover who they really are...

What is Animal Communication?

Animal Communication allows you to connect with your animal and learn how s/he is helping you.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese technique for channeling energy that promotes relaxation and can aid in healing.


"Ronni read my childhood dog who has been gone for many years now. I was surprised how much came up for me during the reading---old hurts that needed to be healed. As Ronni conveyed the messages of love and self-acceptance, I could sense that my dog was indeed still with me, helping me learn these lessons."

Michael Vostal


"I benefited thoroughly from my reading with Ronni. Not only did I receive practical insight into the present condition of my animal, but I also received a blessing of unconditional love. I was moved to tears on several occasions during the reading as I learned to relate to my animal on the level of the spiritual lessons with which she has agreed to assist me in this lifetime.What a comfort it is to know that your animal sees you, hears you, and loves you with a special love that is intended just for you! What a joy it is to know that you and your animal belong to one another!"

Jonathan Bannigan


"Today my dog Hattie and I had a reading with Ronni Tichenor of Explorations for the Soul. I felt the reading was very intuitive and spot on! She not only was correct about her reflections of me but also about Hattie's behavior. I was most impressed by what she said about how Hattie feels about me and how she reacts to my feelings. It was a most impressive session!"

Kathy Thompson

"Ronni's reading of my cat was accurate and enlightening. I finally got a chance to hear what my crazy cat was trying to say to me. The most beautiful part of the reading was when Ronni asked my cat if she wanted to share anything with me. My cat told me not to make things so difficult for myself. I, oftentimes, buy trouble and stress about the small things in life. Also, I tend to hide my real, silly self from others in fear of being judged. My cat had something to say about that as well. She said, "We can be crazy kitties together." This made me laugh and I'm so grateful to Ronni for helping me establish a deeper connection with  my pet."

Genevieve Weaver

“I did my best to enter into this, my first Animal Communication reading with an open heart and mind. I was a bit anxious for some reason that I couldn’t explain. There were many questions I had thought of prior to the reading that I wanted to ask and tell my dearly departed cat, ‘Pooh Bear’...Once I was in the middle of the reading, I momentarily forgot all of these questions that seemed so important to me to learn and understand about my Pooh Bear. Ronni told me several things that just completely resonated with me about my late fur baby and his personality. Ronni was spot on about multiple things I’ve been struggling with and working on for a long time in my personal life. It didn’t really make complete sense to me until we were nearing the end of the reading as Ronni told me that Pooh Bear’s main message was to love myself as I loved him.  My immediate thought was, “But you were and are so easy to love Pooh Bear!” Almost as soon as that thought came into my head, Ronni said that Pooh Bear says, “You are so easy to love; remember that.” My heart was and—to this day—is so full for this beautiful creature that I had thought for many years had chosen me to care for him, but as it turns out, my Pooh Bear was showing me how to live and love fully. I am forever grateful to him and to Ronni who made this message so clear.


Nica Weaver