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There are many paths to healing


Survivors of childhood trauma often struggle to make decisions, which leaves them feeling stuck. 


If you are ready to make a leap forward in your healing, or your life, but sense that something is holding you back, Intuitive Coaching can help.


Ronni will connect with your Spirit Guides to help uncover what is interfering with your ability to create the life you truly want. 


Distance Reiki and Aura Clearing

Are you feeling stressed, disconnected, or out of balance? Reiki can be of tremendous benefit in the healing process.


Ronni will send soothing Reiki to promote relaxation and aid in bringing you back into harmony energetically. If you are experiencing a block, or sense energy is ready to move, Ronni will perform an aura clearing, which can bring immediate emotional, spiritual, and even physical relief.

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Meditation Coaching

Meditation can help build a greater sense of peace in your life.


When you are calm and centered, you can more easily discern what is right for you, or the next best steps to take in your life. 

Even if you've tried meditation and it didn't "work" for you, Ronni can help you develop a meditation practice that you can embrace and maintain.

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Yoga Coaching

Many survivors of childhood trauma feel disconnected from their bodies. Practicing Yoga is a wonderful way to rebuild that connection, as well as trust in yourself.


Ronni will tailor a yoga session to help you move more easily in your body, to help you feel more comfortable and secure.

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Yoga Nidra Relaxation/ Meditation

Many survivors of childhood trauma struggle to unplug from the stress in their lives.


Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation practice that brings deep relaxation. One session offers the same rejuvenating power as a 3-hour nap! Ronni will create a guided meditation experience, based on your personal needs, that will allow you to access this deep form of relaxation.

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